Friday, July 28, 2006

Cyprus (North) Occupied by Turkey, 1974-present

In the photo above Crucified Jesus Christ is thrown on the floor, drenched in urine by "European" Turks.

The photo above gives the "picture" of the results of the Turkish military occupation against Cyprus, against the Greek (Christian Orthodox), Armenian (Christian Orthodox), and Maronite (Christian)-Cypriots, and against Greek and Christian Orthodox existence and Greek ancient civilization in the 37% of the occupied areas of Cyprus. The Turkish state, and their puppets in the occupied areas of Cyprus, methodically and systematically destroy everything that is Greek from the occupied areas of Cyprus (Greek Orthodox Churches, Greek Orthodox monasteries, Greek Orthodox cemeteries, Statues of Heroes etc.), whereas they sell in the international black market Greek Archaeological treasures of unprecedented value.

Time: 04:35, Saturday 20 July 1974.
This is the picturesque and beautiful ancient Greek town of
Kyrenia as it was seen by Turkish pilots the morning of 20 July 1974 when the air-raids of the Turkish air-force against Cyprus began. Bombings were more intense on the northern shores of Cyprus and around the "Pente Mili" area (five miles west of the town of Kyrenia) where all the landings took place.

"My parents are missing."

"Where is the missing soldier?"

During the 1974 barbaric Turkish invasion against Cyprus, the Turkish army arrested thousands of Greek-Cypriots.
A total of 1619 persons were reported as missing as a result of the 1974 Turkish invasion against Cyprus. They transported many of them to Adana Turkey, or they detained them in Cyprus, either case in the most horrible conditions. Many of them were seen in captivity alive and well, by others who were released later. Turkey, stubbornly still refuses to disclose any information for their fortune, thus violating not only basic Human Rights, but also the International Law. Recently, the leader of the Turkish terrorist organisation TMT, Rauf Denktash, admitted publicly that many Greek Cypriots POWs (Prisoners of War) were slaughtered by Turkish militants.

Mothers and other relatives of the missing persons of Cyprus are the most tragic victims of all.

Since 1974, they live with the painful question of what have happened to their sons. The mothers of the missing persons are still continuing the struggle by being constantly present at the cease-fire line at Ledra Palace Hotel in divided capital Nicosia. There, they inform tourists and other visitors about the Turkish crimes and Turkish funded terrorism against Cyprus. In this way they deter most of them from visiting the illegally occupied areas of Cyprus, thus supporting economically and politically the occupation regime. For more detailed information regarding the humanitarian issue of the missing persons of Cyprus please CLICK HERE.

A total of 1619 Greeks and Greek-Cypriots were reported as missing due to the Turkish military attack of Turkey against Cyprus July 20, 1974. The number of missing persons has been reduced to 1588 after the discovery of some remains and identified them using DNA identification methods. Between the identified are 5 American citizens.613 missing persons are civilians without any military capacity/identity, including 116 women, 484 were serving their compulsory military service at the time of the invasion, and finally 514 were reservists that were called on arms after the breakage of the Turkish invasion July 20 1974 to face the attacks. For more detailed information regarding the humanitarian issue of the missing persons in Cyprus please CLICK HERE.